Moto GP 1 is a Spanish motorbike racing game. The goal is to beat other opponents in a circle race with skillful driving. Play in three modes: championship where you’ll race in a series of races, quick race to get on the race track immediately, and time trial mode where you’ll have to beat the clock. Excellent graphics and physics. While it doesn’t have as many tracks or as much replay value as we’d like, MotoGP definitely deserves a spot on your shelf.

MotoGP features real bikes, actual racetracks, and the same factory teams that race in Dorna’s FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix circuit, or simply GP for short. The list of bike manufacturers include Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Aprilia; and some of the world’s best teams, like Repsol Honda, are represented in the game. The bikes vary in their top speed, acceleration, braking distance, and handling characteristics, but only slightly. You’ll be hard pressed to find any real difference from bike to bike, other than each one’s appearance. You can choose to race any of MotoGP five racetracks and 12 bikes from the outset, or you can opt to start a full-length season and gradually earn your way to the higher courses. In this mode, you choose from a limited number of teams and race the five tracks as you would in the real GP circuit. You’re allowed one practice session per track in order to properly gauge the track, one qualifying round to determine your standing on the grid, and then the actual race. You’re awarded points based on your overall performance in each race, and depending on how you did in the season, your team will either extend your contract or release you to another team. After three seasons (five on the highest difficulty setting), the rider with the most points is crowned the champ.

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System Requirements!
  • Video Memory: 64 MB
  • Ram: 256 Mb
  • Cpu: 1.0 Ghz

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